1. Helps to promote good relationship among the members of teaching staff,students and parents.
  1. Provides free lunch-aid to poor students.
  2. Helps to maintain good discipline and high academic standards in the campus.
  3. Helps to institute scholarships,prizes,medal etc to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their study,in the field of arts sports NCC and NSS.
  4. Provides some amenities to the needy students of the college.

President                          : Dr.T Ramachandran
Vice president                    : V.K Ratnakumar

Secretary                          : Dr.P.T Malini

Executive Members

1.Vinodkumar K
2.Majeed K.K
3 jasheela Abbas
4.Mohandas T
5.Gangadevi P.C
6.Anooja chacko
7.Dr E Sanoj
8.Suneera A