Research Centre


Arts and Science Colleges across India strive to impart higher education that is on par with their affiliating Universities. Although not as recognized as Universities, and their role often overlooked, the level of knowledge that the Colleges disseminate has always played a major part in nation building. Many Colleges across the country have moulded and produced national figures, especially giant academicians who have made their mark in various facets of human and national development.
Research (knowledge creation and advancement) along with traditional teaching (mere knowledge dissemination) in academic institutions is now increasingly recognized as an essential component of education. There is no disputing the fact that investment in research is the key to progress, and developing nations like India can hardly afford to ignore this reality. Colleges, along with Universities and other research Institutes have an equal responsibility in fostering quality original research in the country. It is with such a vision that the management of the Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College, one of the oldest colleges in India set forth to establish a multidisciplinary Research Centre entirely devoted to the advancement of academic research. A non-commercial research centre, set up in a research complex building equipped with facilities for basic and applied research, in both arts and science disciplines, is the first of its kind in an affiliated College in Kerala, and is perhaps one of the very few such initiatives in India. The Centre is a tribute to the nation by the Management of the Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College.
About the Research Centre
With the vision of encouraging the existing staff and students in to research oriented education, and to attract bright students and academicians from around the globe to be part of the Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College, and quality Indian research, the building of a Research complex structure was initiated in the year 2012. The erection of the structure in which the research centre is housed, was planned also to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of the then Zamorin Raja of Calicut, His highness Sri P. K. Sreemanavedan Raja, and the centre is named after him. The initiative was entirely funded by the College management, with an approximate budget of rupees 2 crores. The Research complex building now stands completed in the Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan college campus, about 8 Kms. east of the Calicut Railway station. It is to be noted that the inauguration of the research complex is sought at a time when the importance of incorporating quality research in Indian academics is being stressed enough by all agencies of human resource development.


Provision for the most modern research facilities, in order to turn the centre in to one of international standards, has been envisaged in the more than 15,500 square feet area of the building. The research complex has facilities for the following:
1)  Biological Research
(Animal Science, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Plant Science)
2) Chemistry Laboratories
3) Physics Laboratories
4) Mathematics Laboratory
5) Rooms for research facility in Arts and Languages:
            - Economics
            - English
            - Hindi
            - History
            - Malayalam
            - Sanskrit
            - Sociology
6) Botany Museum, Herbarium, and Fungarium
7) Zoology Museum
8) Research oriented Library
9) Conference Hall for National and International conferences and seminars
10) Mini Conference Hall
11) Centralized Equipment Facility
12) Computer Lab.
13) Rooms and Cubicle facility for Research Scholars
14) Dining, rest and recreation Hall
15) Welcome lounge
16) Field area and experimental plot areas around the building