The Zamorin's Guruvayurappan college is one of the oldest institutions in the country celebrating its 138th anniversary. It is located in Kozhikode, popularly called The City of Zamorin's. This verdant campus nestling on top of a hill called Krishnagiri Hills, 8 Kms away from the heart of the city, spans a vast area of 92 acres. The green campus provides the ideal environment for a healthy, creative, learning-oriented context.



1.     16 full-fledged departments with computers

         and printers.

2.     Sufficient number of class rooms.

3.     A Seminar Hall.

4.     A partially automated library.

5.     Laboratories –Physics, Chemistry, Botany,

         Zoology and Yoga.

6.     ZCIR Centre.

7.     Career Guidance Centre.

8.     Animal House.

9.     Botanical Garden.

10.   Herbal Garden.

11.   Yoga Hall 

12.   Computer centre

13.   Informatics Lab

14.   Research Centre



1.     Spacious Auditorium with ample seating capacity.

2.     Open air Stages – Chaithram and Kailasam

3.     Health and Trauma Care Centre

Extra Curricular

1.    A big playground where Cricket, Football, Hockey

        and Hand Ball are played.

2      A Pavilion with changing rooms.

3      Basket Ball, Shuttle and Volleyball Courts.

4      Indoor Games room.

5      Gymnasium with training facility for weight lifting

        and power lifting.



1.      A well equipped Canteen.

2.      Ladies Centre.

3.      Boys Dining Hall.

4.      PNB extension counter.

5.      Co-operative store.

6.      Two Hostels.

7.      Recreation room for staff.

8.      Common room for Ladies Staff.

9.      Campus Statues.

10.    Firing Range.

11.    Post office.